1 Key Accessory you will need to survive Winter – Winter 2016 Forecast


In October, meteorologist  predicted this winter will be interesting  –  warmer than average temps in the southern third of the US and southwest, cold – very cold in the northeast and mid west.

Well, whatever it is, just know it’s going to be cold here in the DMV area.  January we have a possible chance of experiencing  very cold temperatures. However, overall will be cold as usual with multiple occasions of snow.

So how should you prepare ?

Scarf – Aldo // Skirt – Banana Republic // Boots – Aldo

  • Moisture Up – Dry air = less moisture = chapped lips, feet and hands. Of course before heading out, prepare with a sugar scrub. For hands and feet, use lukewarm water when taking a shower/bath since hot water, while it may feel pleasant around this time, will dry your feet up quick. Apply a moisturizer that contains ointment – that heals dry cracked skin.


  • Cover up – With the diverse elements of wind and snow,  if you’re not covered well the cold air will come through the skin like a knife. Prepare, by layering tops. Also, top it off with a blanket scarf  which  – in my opinion – is the key item for this season.

  • Drink Warm – Even if you’re covered from head to toe and you still have the chills, carry a warm cup of coffee, tea or warm water and lemon with you.  This will instantly warm your body up.

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