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March 2013

    Clothing Combinations

    Have you ever looked in your closet with a plethora of clothes staring at you in the face and you somehow  manage to complain that you have nothing to wear? I know I do. Well math tells us that we’re lying.

    There is a mathematical term called the Multiplication Principle. It states that, if you have (a) amount of this object (b) amount of that object and so on, then the possible outcomes would be a x b.

    CC Image by jingdianjiaju1
    For example, I have the amount of the following items:

    13 tops
    14 Bottoms

    9 Shoes

    Possible Outcomes: 13 x 14 x 9 = 1638!!

    Wowzers!! I have over 1600 ways to wear my wardrobe. I know you’re thinking some of the outfits might not go together or the weather may not permit for some outfits to go together. Well,  you are correct. However, even if you eliminated 600 from 1638, then you would still have 1038 ways. That means I don’t have to go shopping anymore because I have a year’s amount of clothes to wear, right? Yeah right, I’m never eliminating shopping from my daily exercises.

    The point is you will always have something to wear. You just have to be creative and switch up the outfits. If you’re like me who always wear my black blazer with my black pants, for example, try to wear your blazer  with jeans for a casual look. You could also dare to be different and wear that crop top with a pencil skirt.

    So, the next time you hear yourself say you have nothing to wear, think again and try out the formula.

    Your turn

    Take a look at your wardrobe and count how many tops, bottoms, and shoes you have then input the information into the formula and you will be surprised the amount of things you possibly wear.

    Tops x Bottoms x Shoes = __________  ways to wear your wardrobe


    Pi Day Style

    Happy Pi Day! What’s Pi day you asked? It’s a holiday celebrated (mostly by math nerds) worldwide on March 14 or 3.14, get it?

    “Fashionably”, I wanted to talk about pi. So, let’s say I have a polka dot t-shirt and I take a circle and


    I measure the circumference. Circumference, by the way is the perimeter of the circle, and the diameter of the circle. Once I have this information I would set up the equation:


    The answer would approximately be Pi, or Π.

    Isn’t that amazing? In fact every circle you encounter, when dividing the diameter from the circumference, will always be pi.

    Here are some cute circle related outfits for you to try and measure.

    Pi Day Style

    So, just remember if you are wearing circles, not only are you cute but you are a complex as well.


    Photo credit: Aimanness Photography via photopin cc


    Welcome to Fashionmatics 101!

    Image by:All women stalk

    Where  4  =

    Image by: All women stalk
    and  2 
    I’m Chi and I will be your Fashionmatics “professor”. I’m excited to have you on this unusual, but excited adventure.
    So…what’s the purpose?
    When I was a math student, I was always told that math was everywhere. So this blog is to prove that statement. It will bring the two different worlds of fashion and mathematics together. In simple terms, I want my fashionistas to view fashion through mathematical lenses.

    “Ah, I didn’t know math could be so fashionable!”
    Image by: Léna

    Wait a minute. Math really?!! Eek!
    Before you start to break out in hives, I promise it will be fun. As a math and fashion lover I will mostly have topics based on math and how it can relate to fashion.
    Oh, thank goodness!

    Don’t worry, there will be no equations to solve or word problems to decipher. I mean, who cares what time two trains will meet if they leave stations at different times?  All you need is to have a sense of fashion or a curiosity for it, and be able to count from 1 to 10. If you can’t do either of those, don’t worry this is a judgment-free zone. 🙂
    For your first assignment (I know, I know), is only to follow me, subscribe to my blog and to get excited about what’s ahead.