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April 2013

    Where’s “Math”?

    Hello again and happy weekend!!! Okay do you remember the book series, Where’s Waldo, the red and white striped character who was hidden in the sea of people?


    Well…I played a game similar to that. It’s called Where’s “Math”? Yes, that’s right. This week I challenged myself to find fashion related articles and try to find the math within. So here’s what I found:


    Subtracting heels, a new thing?
    Math: Arithmetic

    Could low heels be the new high heels?
    New York Times Article

    Boston Massacre T-Shirt for $150,000!?!
    Math: Consumer Math

    Not even two weeks after the Boston Marathon Bombing someone thought it was a great idea to sell this now one-of-a-kind t-shirt from Nike.




    Good day my fashionable fashionistas, you look very fierce today. And yes, I’m talking to you too little lady wearing those pajamas. You still look fierce.
    Anyways, today I’m going to introduce you to a series called Stylogic. This is based off the term logic. It’s style and logic together- get it? Haha.
    Logic is what you would call basis of reasoning.  It’s thinking properly of arriving at proper conclusions. It is used a lot in math for proving theorems, for example. Logic is used in philosophy, mathematics and now, fashion. I could go on and on about the subject, but I need to get to the point.

    In the subject, there is a term called Transitivity of Implication. Ooh, sounds important!
    It’s described as:
    (A and B) and (B and C) then (A and C)

    In terms of fashion, what came into my mind was the complement of colors. You know, the colors that look good together.

    So let’s start off with two pairs of colors

    Orange and Blue
    Image: Leonid Mamchenkov

    & Khaki and Orange

    Image: Adele Spencer

    A:Blue, B: Orange and C: Khaki




    According to Transitivity of Implication, blue and khaki would go together. If they both look good with orange, then maybe they would look great together.

    Some Inspiration
    Blue and Khaki

    Your Turn:
    Try to wear khaki and blue together, whether for fun or business. Look at some of the pictures for inspiration.