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May 2013

    The Lady in Red


    What particular color can a female or a male wear that will most likely attract the opposite sex?

    (Hint: read the title)

    Well, if you guess red, then you’re correct.

    According to a study from the University of Rochester, wearing red would make you more attractive towards the opposite sex. That’s right, you heard me. All this time you’ve been trying to catch Johnny’s eye with your curve hugging navy blue dress, when you should have took it up a notch with that red hot dress.

    Zuleyka Rivera
    Image by The Heart Truth


    100 men in the study were given photos of a “moderately attractive” female and were asked to rate how attractive she was
              Shirt color (the same woman with three different color shirts)
    o   Wearing red was considered most attractive
              Background color (Three different colors)
    o   The female was considered most attractive with the red background
    Also, the guys were asked if they had $100, how much they were willing to spend on the female.
     When the female was wearing red, guys were willing to spend more on her than when she was wearing blue.

    The same goes the other way around too, women are attracted to men in red.

    Hubba, hubba

    For this powerful, yet subtle color men believe that they’re less likely to be rejected by women wearing red, the study concluded.


    The color red signals fertility and men are built to seek a mate who’s fertile, available. (Source:

    Here are some inspirations for rocking red 

    Red Hot

    Note: By no way I’m completely suggesting that you should only wear red to attract someone. If you love blue or green or polka dot, by all means wear it 🙂 This was an actual study that I believed was very interesting to report.