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May 2015

    If Saving Money is Wrong, I don’t Want to be Right.

    Earlier this year, I moved from Rockville, MD to Arlington, VA. While I moved back to the city life (yay!), the cost of living increased by 10%. *cue emoji sad face*.Which means the necessities like rent and food are more expensive. So I guess my shopping days are over, right?


    My bills might have increased, but I can find a way to still shop on a budget.

    1 way of doing that is by shopping at thrift, consignment and/or vintage stores. Yes, these pre-loved garments are just as awesome at a discounted price. I’ve been shopping at some of these places lately and not only do I love the clothes, but I love that I still have more money for myself, cha-ching!

    I recently purchased this maxi dress by Pins + Needles from Buffalo Exchange for $17. Originally $89.

    81% discount!!!

    While there are so many thift and cosignment shops in the DMV area, here are some places you should check out:

    Fia’s Fab Finds
    806 Upshur St., NW
    Washington, DC 20011
    This place is known for the monthly $20 Fill-a-bag events. You would get a medium sized bag and stuff clothes, shoes and more.
    Price Range: $$

    Buffalo Exchange
    3279 M St., NW
    Washington,  DC
    This vintage,  trendy shop have some of the most bold and unique clothes. Also they have some of the friendliest workers who make you feel right at home.
    Price Range: $

    Charity’s Closet/Success in Style
    Inside the Historic Savage Mill
    8600 Foundry St.
    Savage, MD 20763
    Everything in the store cost $5. Also, If you volunteer, you can get one free item of clothing!
    Price Range: $

    Redd Trading
    7801 Woodmont Ave.
    Bethesda, MD 20814
    1413 Wisconsin Ave., NW
    Washington, DC 20007
    This place* sales recycled designer clothing, shoes, and accessories at a discounted price. 
    Price Range: $$