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June 2015

    Wearing The Golden Ratio

     What is the commonality of these three outfits?

    If you guessed patterns, you’re right…but that’s not the answer I was looking for. All three of these outfits represent approximately 1.61803398875…

    Also known as the Golden Ratio, this “divine proportion” has mathematically appeared in nature, arts, architecture and more.

    While people say this formula makes any living or inanimate object look aestetically pleasing does it work with fashion?

    Let’s look at it in terms of length. 

    On the other hand…

    Not approximately the Golden Ratio.

    Since my height is average, it seems that the Golden Ratio works. Could it work for an individual whose height is above average or below average? What about with longer legs or longer torso? We’ll have to see. Stay tuned.

    Homework Assignment:
    Try it out and see if it works on you. 
    Take the fraction on the left

     Where A is the longer length of the outfit and B is the shorter length. Measure the shorter length of your outfit and replace B with your measure. Next, multiply both B and 1.618 and you’ll get your measurement for A! 
    What do you think?

    Photos of woman looking at art by Ryan McGuire, Snail Shell by Thomas Muhl