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July 2016

    Oh the Humidity!!! 4 Ways To Stay Cool + 1 Item You Must Have With You

    A few weeks ago I went to my homestate of Florida to visit my wonderful family. The family bonding was very warming…and so was the weather.

    Not only it was hot, but it was humid. No seriously, one morning around 7 AM I stepped outside and already the heated water vapors were hugging my body as if they missed me as well.

    While I brought a lot of my glad rags, I was only able to wear a few of the clothes on repeat.Don’t judge, but I managed to survive the “humidity crisis” if it weren’t for these clothes.

    If you too have suffered or are currently suffering through the heat and you’re feeling those “ooh lawd it’s too hot for this” days, then wearing these outfits would help you too.

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