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March 2017

    Getting Abs in 30 Days

    We’re already in the third month of 2017 and it’s usually around this time, most people have stopped working on their new year’s resolution. Usually due to a lack of motivation or they just lose interest.

    With that said, I’ve been living in pinterest lately creating my fitspiration board.  I have seen a plethora of some # of day challenges to obtain a bigger butt, toned arms, legs and more. The more I saw these post, the bigger my curiosity was. And now I want to see if these monthly challenges really do work.

    So for the Month of March, let’s kick off with a Fashionmatics science project, will I get Abs in 30 days?


    If I add a proper diet to the challenge – less sugary foods, I could reach the results much faster than just working on the challenge alone.


    I will be using this chart

    Beginning Waist Measurement as of March 06, 2017: 26.5 In

    As for you, if you’re feeling bored or uninspired come try to find a particular workout that you’ll enjoy. Let’s work on this together!

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