4,284 Ways to Wear Summer Wardrobe

We’re close to the denouement of summer and I don’t know about you, but there are days I can look into my closet full of clothes and I still feel like I have nothing to wear. It’s almost to a point I feel like I’m wearing the same outfit everyday. No not really…but it feels like it.

Then I remember in my Probability class – we went over this topic called the counting principle. If you ever recall in your primary or secondary class how many ways you can make a sandwich or how many ways to make a sundae out of 4 ice cream flavors and 6 toppings, you can use the counting principle:

If there are a ways to do one thing and there are b ways to do another thing, then there are axb ways of doing both.

If I count how many articles of clothing I have – tops, bottoms and shoes, then I can find out exactly how many ways I can wear my wardrobe.


Tops x Bottoms x Shoes  = 17 x 18 x 14 = 4,284 ways!!

Tops/Dresses – 17

Bottoms – 18

Shoes – 14

So if you ever feel like you have nothing to wear, instead of spending money shopping, go into that closet of yours and find another top to wear with your favorite Jeans. Most likely there’s a combination you haven’t tried that would look good on you.

So tell me how many ways can you wear your wardrobe?

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