Just One Tip for a Successful Workout

Running through Tally Streets

Happy New Year!!! I Hope your resolutions have started off with a bang. If not, just remember to “keep going” #ThursdayMotivation.

To those with fitness goals – just want to shout out a quick tip to keep you motivated.

Workout Gear

Listening to music will not only amplify your workouts, but distract you from the possible discomfort of exercising.

According to Brunel University’s Coastas Karageorgis, Ph.D in London, he conducted studies to determine that “[music] reduces the perception of effort significantly and increase endurance by as much as 15 percent.”

I have worked out with and without music and what a difference it makes. I love exercising, but when music is playing, those deep squats turn into a twerk session. I enjoy every minute of it and a reward of a healthy strong body is definitely a bonus!

Next time, if you’re having a hard time starting your workout session, pop in some music and trust me you’ll be moving your body to the finish line of accomplishing goals.


What music do you listen to? Let me know in the comments.

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