The laziest outfit you should wear if you’re in a rush

So you’re at home chilaxing in your old grey pants and your fave ripped shirt from your senior year in high school when you receive a text:

Friend: Hey, we’re going out for a few drinks…wanna come?

You: Uh…Yea 🙂

Friend: K. Coming in 3 min.



You jump right up trying to find something to wear that’s more presentable. You ask yourself, What can I put on that covers maximum of the body that takes minimum effort and time?

A Maxi Dress.

It’s great to wear anywhere if you’re just going  on a last minute grocery shopping, or meeting that cute dude your friend is finally introducing you to.

Once it’s on, you immediately look the part. If it’s solid color you look polished, floral…feminine, split…a bit sultry.

Also, it’s great to wear when you’re not in the mood to show your stubble legs…just saying.

Tell me what your laziest outfit in the comments below. Is it a Maxi dress? Or something else? Whatever it is, let a sister know, in the comments below.



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