Pi Day Style

Happy Pi Day! What’s Pi day you asked? It’s a holiday celebrated (mostly by math nerds) worldwide on March 14 or 3.14, get it?

“Fashionably”, I wanted to talk about pi. So, let’s say I have a polka dot t-shirt and I take a circle and


I measure the circumference. Circumference, by the way is the perimeter of the circle, and the diameter of the circle. Once I have this information I would set up the equation:


The answer would approximately be Pi, or Π.

Isn’t that amazing? In fact every circle you encounter, when dividing the diameter from the circumference, will always be pi.

Here are some cute circle related outfits for you to try and measure.

Pi Day Style

So, just remember if you are wearing circles, not only are you cute but you are a complex as well.


Photo credit: Aimanness Photography via photopin cc

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