Wear This When Working From Home

Working from home today? Try not to work in your pjs. Instead, wear what you usually wear work to work.

That’s right, your work clothes. Dressing up can improve the quality of the work.

A study conducted by the Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management in 2012, subjects who wore a white lab coat performed significantly better on a cognitive test than those who wore street clothes.

People tend to adopt the traits associated with the clothing they’re wearing

According to Dr Karen Pine, a professor at University of Hertfordshire and a fashion psychologist, she explains how powerful clothes can be.

“A lot of clothing has symbolic meaning for us, whether it’s ‘professional work attire’ or ‘relaxing weekend wear’, so when we put it on we prime the brain to behave in ways consistent with that meaning.”

Some Ideas

Dress // J.Crew // $188

Satin Pants // H&M // $34.99

Blouse // Nordstrom //$395

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