Spray this for more Confidence

Woman applying perfume

One day after work, I was on the platform, waiting for the train to arrive. A guy walked pass by me. Then a few seconds later his cologne flew by and immediately I turned to his direction. I never saw his face, but my first thought was who is this hottie?

Then the question popped up:

Can smelling good make you more attractive?

In a way…yes. It’s more indirect. Think about it, when you apply your favorite fragrance, you smell good. When you smell good, you feel great. When you feel great, you look good. When that happens, your behavior changes, positively. You become more confident. Of course someone with high self-confidence is attractive.

This was proven in a survey study. Researchers found that 90% of women (from teenagers to seniors) feel more confident when wearing fragrance than without (1).


Top 5 Popular Fragrances


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